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Naches River - New C&R rules

There's no question that there's a ton of illegal fishing occuring on the Naches. But, it's always been my experience that the illegal fisherman, ie, the ones with the treble hooks or the bait, aren't much good at fishing in the first place. I assume that someone who doesn't have any idea of the rules probably doesn't get out fishing much. Since they don't know what they're doing, I also doubt that catch much too.

For example, one time last year I was fishing near Horseshoe bend when a guy and his girlfriend came down with a spin rod and a jar of eggs. The two baited their hook and threw it out into a slow-moving, relatively shallow, muddy pool of water and just let it sit there while they talked and drank. It seemed to me that they weren't intentionally breaking the law, since they weren't at all concerned that me and my buddy were close by and could see them. For sure, if they even caught a sucker it was their lucky day.

My point is that I think the vast majority of illegal fisherman on the Naches are just people who don't know any better, and because they don't fish much, they don't catch much. The most unfortunate biproduct of these people is the trash and the tangles of 20 lb line that they leave behind. The few poachers who know it's illegal and know how to catch fish are the dangerous ones. It's my opinion that this type of idiot isn't nearly as prevalent. At least that's what I like to think.
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