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NE Florida Trout

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Went out today and fished the morning low tide. Still hot but not quite as bad as yesterday. Caught a couple of Reds and a trout. Lots of feeding birds and massive amounts of bait.

Thought I would try a different photo technique on this one:

Thought this was a redfish when I threw at him, but was a smaller trout. They have two fangs on mouth so no lipping these. Call it a collateral catch:

Birds are having a big time feeding on the shrimp right now:

The "ripples" in front of this one are actually shrimp and bait being moved by the bird:

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cool pics. thanks. are you fishing from a boat or kayak?
Kayak. We have a substantial amount of water accessible to kayak and with low tides like this last week (negative) you can get to fish that are too shallow for a skiff. I fish a 16' Tarpon 160i that paddles well, is stable, and comfortable.

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Cool environment and great shots! Thanks for sharing!
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