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Just looking for some advice about a stillwater rod for my elderly father. He’s in his mid 80’s, has a bit of a bum shoulder on his casting arm, and I’ve been trying to find a specialty stillwaters rod for him. Now, undoubtedly, the best thing I can do is help him with his casting stroke. But, set aside that for now.

My basic dilemma is rod weight. I see more and more stillwater anglers, especially across the pond, favour 7 weight rods (usually 10 feet). These days, rods are built pretty light, and so I do get that a 7 weight in 2022 can come in pretty handy without being too tiring, yet I wonder if I should have him get a 5 or 6 weight (still 10 feet) rod instead, and go even lighter. And yet, the 7 weight…maybe a more “powerful” rod in the 7 weight class will be a real workhorse and provide great support for his weaker shoulder.

So, bottom line, should I get my dad a 5, 6 or 7 weight? It will be a specialty rod for just lakes: It really only needs to do 2 basic things very, very well: (1) throw floating line indicator rigs with a 12 to 20 foot leader (and this is the primary focus) and (2) should be able to roll cast while fishing from shore against steep sided banks (though this can be accomplished through proper line selection, so help here too please!)

I live in Edmonton, so my brand choices are basically Sage, TFO, Orvis, WInston, Hardy, Loop, Echo, Vision, and Redington. About $1000 is the budget.

I was thinking the Orvis Helios 3D10 foot 7 weight. The Sage R8 Core is really stretching the budget. I am open to alternatives.
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