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Need Help Picking Sage Switch Rod

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I am in the market for a 7 weight switch rod. My choices are Sage One, Pulse ,Accel and Method. Maybe Scott . Any feedback on these rods would be appreciated. Thanks
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Those are all very different rods. What is your intended purpose (lines, flies, fishing method, etc)?
Fishing for steelhead. Spey casting and some overhead casting. I am a beginner at spey casting. Want to fish some areas I have alot of brush behind me. Just wondering which rod would be the easiest to cast. So many models
With overhead casting i would lean toward the shorter models (pulse, accel). Skagit (generally slower) or scandi (generally faster). Generally the faster the rod is, the more exact you have to be with timing. I would recommend contacting a dealer and casting or demoing a rod. One rod will not do it all.
Buy the cheapest rod you can find and spend the rest on lessons.

You won't be able to tell the difference between rod models until you have some experience casting, so why burn the cash?

When you know what your casting style is and what your personal mechanical idiosyncrasies are, you should look for a rod YOU like because YOU will be casting it.
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1) hire an instructor
2) take a few lessons
3) after #1 and #2 ask him to bring one or two of his switch rods, so you can try them.
4) maybe by then you have enough information to buy one.
5) Call Bob Meiser before you do and talk to him about rods. Best 1/2 hour you ever spent.
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What g_smolt said. I would just add that there is also something to be said about how well the rod handles the fish, not just how well it cast. Overhead casting doesn't make it any easier to cast with brush behind you. Spend your money first on a good reel. That being said you will want at least one spare spool, because what's good for overhead may not work for crap Spey casting. Good luck.
Fishing for steelhead. Spey casting and some overhead casting. I am a beginner at spey casting. Want to fish some areas I have alot of brush behind me. Just wondering which rod would be the easiest to cast. So many models
orvis helios2 11ft 8wt

i have sage one and tcx love them but for what you described i would use a helios2 switch i have the 8110 and it is a monster laser casting lightweight beast

great for no back room lots of brush i used it on oregon coast and wa rivers love it

sage one's are really baby speys while i love my 5116 it is really a small spey a 6126 has a lot of over lap i hear same with 7116

if you are new then do not get a broom stick method while i love them they are not everyone's cup of tea and fast action is an understatement
Learning to cast a switch rod is a very fun endeavor. I do agree with finding time a getting a lesson or two. I guided trip focused on the tactics you want to use is also a good start. Most good guides will have decent boat rods and will have you up and making snap t's, maybe double speys and poke casts by the end of the day and you'll be more focused because your trying to catch a fish. If that isn't an option, time considering, I would start with a rod that has a generous grain window and a more moderate action. The problem with most switch rods and beginning casters is the lack of feel in faster action switch rods. Without feeling the load of the rod it is hard to develop good tempo and its very easy to develop bad habits, get frustrated, have the urge to bust $800-1000 worth of graphite over your knee and leave it on the bank...head to the pub...on and on.

I have had the opportunity to cast all the rods mentioned above and the ACCEL Switch is really a forgiving stick that still yields a lot of power and performance. It incorporates Sage's G5 technology which has really revolutionized what Mod/Fast action rods can do and what they weigh. It I didn't already have rods that fit this niche and was in the market for something that would better hold its value and still be relevant technology in 10 year the ACCEL rods sure fit the bill. I would line it with the 450-480 Airflo Skagit Switch and 10' of T10 and swing for the fences.

For what it's worth
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I would have a good look at a Sage One 7116. Great casting rod; Airflo skagit 450 or Rio Max Skagit and mono running line. If you look around, you will probably still find some on sale
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