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Net (rubber Bag)

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Looking for a net with a rubber bag. My knotless net catches teeth far too often, making a smooth timely release near impossible. Don't have enough cash for a new fishpond, but I want something with better quality/finish than what is being sold new in my price range. This will be used for wading, not looking for anything with a long handle or oversize basket.
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Cabela's (I mean Bass Pro ;)) has a nice one on sale now:


Or maybe you can remove your knotless net and replace it with a rubber one?

Mike- buy the Fishpond replacement net and put it on your current net. If you're in Seattle you can get it from Avid Angler (or call and order over the phone).


There are a couple of sizes so you might have to do some research on which one fits your current net.

Be careful on some of those rubber nets. They weigh a ton! Also, I have the cheap cabelas net (first link above) and it's pretty nice. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's not very deep and fish have a tendency to flop right back out of it. I did just end up buying my kids measurenets which are a pretty good bargain IMHO.
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I like my old handle so i replaced an old knot nylon net with a rubber net. A few bucks on Ebay.
For those of you who switched over using an old handle, what measurements did you take into account? Zeke's link above showed me 4 different options on sizes. I was just going to measure the length and the width of the opening, but they also list a diameter measurement which is different from the width of the opening. Any thoughts? @Cougar Zeke @Peyton00

Ya, the data for Fishpond nets is tough to find online. (I personally don't understand why Fishpond makes such a nice product but has almost no info online- just need measurements for crying out loud.) the only place I found the measurements is on the picture of the replacement nets on their website.....

In answer to your question Mike just use length times width.
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