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Never Heard Of These Folks Before

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Guess I live under a rock. Anybody familiar with their products.
looks like it might make a good companion on a fishing trip.
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Oh yes!! There whiskey is great! So is their vodka. Westslope fly shop used to be right next door. When I'd stop in to get tying stuff I'd usually pick up a fifth of one or the other.
Yep, they do a great job at distilling. Excellent clear and dark liquor.
I only know their Vodka and it is good but they are proud of it.
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They were the first distillery in WA since prohibition. Couple of guys cashed in there retirment funds to start the business.

There are a lot of distilleries that have popped up in recent years.
Isn't this place in Spokane.

Mad dogs and Englishmen and gin and tonic.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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