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New Fly Fisherman- Question on Beaver and Pine Lake

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Well, I have fished both with bait, not good eating fish, but, I was wondering what flys work best on these lakes? I just picked up a float tube and looking at going out early morning this weekend and see if I can have any action.

Any suggestions?

Oooh, I heard the beaver lake was great for Bass, how do you set up a fly rod for bass, what fly, dry wet?
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For trout, most of these lowland lakes tend to get too warm or get fished out by summer. In the spring, especially the few weeks after a plant can be easy fishing for stocker rainbows. By far the easiest method is trolling woolly buggers and carey specials (I like the beadhead versions), you should be able to hook up with an insane amount of dumb eager stockers. If you dont want to patiently wait til next spring then head up I90 to Rattlesnake Lake near North Bend and try your luck there.
Hope that helps, good luck
Thanks, that is what I figured. I guess me and the kid will hit the Snoqualmie and see if we can land a cutthoat or a steelie.
Bass can be a real hoot on a fly rod.
Big fuzzy dry flies, stimies, hoppers, mice.
Under water with big buggers, buggers with legs, bead head buggers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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