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Hi Richard, welcome to the board.

Don't know anything about that particular model but I'll take a swing anyway...
- Fenwick is a classic rod maker. The number of manufacturers who make both great rods AND great reels is pretty much zero in my experience. Not to say the Nighthawk won't work, but it seems like the great rod makers have never really cracked the high end reel business.
- What attracts you to the anti-reverse feature? Traditionally used on big game reels where the line was smoking out the guides and people worried about bruised knuckes. Invariably the anti-reverse feature adds weight, more complexity and has largely fallen out of favor. I'm just not sure it's needed for trout.

In my opinion fly reels should all be single action. We have to set ourselves apart from the gear guys somehow!

On the plus side, if you do get one you'll probably be the only guy on the whole lake using it. There is something to be said for that as well.
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