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New member introduction.

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Hi guys,
Just registered on your forum, i thought i would say hi.
I live and fish in Scotland (UK) mostly for Brown trout, sea trout and Salmon.
I help run a small family run fishery www.anglersholidaycottages.co.uk (no plug intended)

I use American tackle (Sage and Galvan) so I thought i would check out what you guys do on your side of the pond to see if i can learn a trick or two.

All the best

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Welcome Munro! Feel free to post some bonny pics!:thumb:
All single malts may be forwarded to my address.:rofl:
Welcome and glad to have you around be sure to get things clarified if they aren't to start with. Ask and you should get reasonable answers except from the few smart asses. I'm sure you can inform us of a thing or two also. thanks for joining Bob
Munro - Welcome. Nice looking fishery, and great that you allow tubes. I formerly lived in the UK and made it into Scotland once...time was limited but I managed a trip to Markle near Edinburgh. I lived in London and frequented a venue like yours out in Shepperton (Halliford Mere)...nice fish and good folks.

Do you post on Fish&Fly over there?

Hope you'll stick around... -Tim
Welcome Munro, you have definitely found a good site for all things fishy. The wife and I are thinking about a 25th wedding anniversary trip to Scottland this coming June...might have to hit you up for some recommendations.
Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies, i also post on fish&fly forum which also has its own smart arses!
Anyone looking for venue advice when visiting Scotland just ask.

I was on the Silver Tay today but not fishing, hopefully get a couple of hours on the Clyde tomorrow if the wife allows it to warm me up for fishing the Tay next week.
I will try and post some pics later.

slàinte mhath (Cheers)


The Silvery river Tay today.


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Glad to have you here! Can't wait to hear your stories. My last name is Wallace and my dream is to make it over there and go fishing. Glad you found this site. It is a great site!
Hi Munro,

Great to know you are keeping on eye on us "Yanks". I have spent quite a bit of time "commercial" fishing around the Shetlands and Orkney. Just awessome country. Best though were those Scottish fly shops. Filled a fly box with "Buzzers" while I was there.

Well, welcome aboard. Glenn
William Wallace was born in my home town of Lanark. (Mel done a good job in that movie).
Funny you should say that, my dream is to make it over to your side of the pond and try my hand for Sturgeon, salmon and artic grayling in Canada.
The stripped bass fishing also looks amazing, you have some great fishing but i guess it is well spread out over such a large country.
I can drive coast to coast in about 2 hours and drive in to the highlands in about the same time.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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