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New,Redington classic trout & echo carbon xl , 89.95

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These are a good deal if anyone can use them
Have both a Redington classic trout, new with warranty card,, case . 5 Wt
And a echo carbon xl .. 6 Wt new in case.
Remaining from the river clean up project
89.95 ... each. Pick up
or add 13.29 shipping. Each PayPal is fine or venmo
Pick up is coastal n h.


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Yes. The Ct is a 5 wt. thank you. The echo is a 6 wt
My bad. Both are 9 ft 4 pc
I haven't cast or owned the echo, but if you want a rod for someone new to flyfishing to start with, nothing I've ever cast has more feel when loading and can handle different swing speeds. Don't spish it because it's cheap.
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Most of my gang believe that the Classic Trout, in 590, is just a marvelous casting/fishing rod.

Good luck! Bob
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Thanks folks. One more time around. Only because I feel these are are great value
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