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I just put together my first 8wt single hander set up for targeting red's in Florida. The issue is the reel seat and reel foot are a terrible fit.

The rod: Echo EPR 9' 8wt (bought new)
The reel: Tibor Everglades (auction site purchase. older model.. not sure from when but doesnt look like pictures of the newest ones)

I was so excited about that echo rod with it having great reviews so far at a good price point but this bums me out they didn't design the reel seat to fit a reel like a tibor that is so popular in the saltwater world. When the reel is locked in as tight as you can turn the rings on the rod the reel can still spin a little and flop around. The reel foot is too "thin" to fill the openings it fits into so it has that extra room to jiggle around.

Any suggestions on how to make the two fit better? Almost makes me want to return the rod unfortunately. Can't blame it on the Tibor .... can you?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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