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This topic has been interesting to me because as a novice, I am learning about all the different brands.

My first rod and reel was purchased through Costco online. I made this purchase because it seemed like a great deal that a seasoned fly fisherman mentioned I should look into. This person had the rod and reel combo and I used it on my first day out fly fishing. It worked well for me, casting was easy and the rod felt great.

Of course, being new, I don't know much about the idiosyncrasies of rods/reels. I do know the basics. What I have is a Marado 4 piece 9' 6 weight. It has been good to me considering that I am learning.

Are any of you familiar with this combo? What are your opinions on them if you are? Go ahead, be honest, I don't mind. This was just may starter rod and reel.

I have thought about getting an 8 weight in the near future because I'd like to get into the bigger fish but for now I just don't know enough to make a sound decision.

I always enjoy reading everyone's post. This site has been very informative and I look forward to any of your help.

If only I knew what I am doing....
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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