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Hi, my old Rampage bit the dust and now I have a Scadden Raptor. I was swayed to get the Raptor over Predator as I'm told former has more useful deck space. Upon inflating Raptor in living rm 2days ago, I wished I'd gotten the Predator. I really wanted to have a smaller toon. Now I am considering getting a new Predator. Can someone please provide measurements of the Predator's deck space?
Also, the Toon's width when measured near oarlocks? My Raptor actually measures wider than it's given measurements.

The end of the black storage bags now have a sleeve vs a true pocket. A can of soda, beer, or phone would fall out. I've rigged something up, but it's hokie. Anyone else come up with a good mod for this space? Thanks!
I will save my other question for another post!
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