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New Tfo Deer Creek Spey 13'6" 8/9

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NEW! I did not cast it. Never put reel on it. I bought it planning for larger river trip but did not go (and it does not look like I will soon). I am sticking to my small rods for local waters and can sale this one for $300 plus shipping (20$ USA ), or you can pick u around Portland/Gresham for $300.
Click to see: Link to factory description.
PayPal is OK but buyer covers fees.
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Pictures please:rolleyes:
I will post pictures later today.. Figured out that since it is factory NEW, no pictures are needed. But sure, I can make a pix later..
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As per request I am attaching a few pictures (not a photographer, phone pictures only, sorry)

(And thank you, Daniel. Agree. We used to be so called elite of fishing and it meant something to some of us. "O tempora, o mores!", as screamed Cicero a couple thousand years ago. But enough said. Please do not comment I just want to sale a nice stick. :)


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