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New (to me) Rod

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New (to me) Rod; line help?

Just picked up a Press Powell LTSH (Chico era 1987 graphite) in a 7/8 weight, 9'-6" long. I have a Scott G in the same length, 6/7 weight that I love with a Rio AS/Steelhead line. I think the Powell is going to be similar action from what the seller tells me; a more relaxed stroke that I've come to favor over my Loomis GLX/HLS.
The seller is extremely knowledgeable in the whole Powell line, and tells me it'd work well with the Rio or SA Steelhead taper, but he really likes the Wulff TT line with these rods.
Looking at the TT line, I see several choices which lead to my post:
Wulff TTBA 7 (or 8)
Wulf TT7/8F
Anyone out there able to break these down? Any links to taper/grain/head length specs? Particulary interested in head length specifics and there doesn't seem to be a breakdown of this on the Wulff site. The only flyshop less than 200 miles away doesn't carry Wulff, so I'm SOL there.
My intent is to use this rod primarily for swinging and skating on the Nor Cal Steelhead rivers.
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