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Ray is right on top of all the info, and listen to him.

But I would not be concerned about fishing for steelies with your 6 weight. It is the normal weight rod that many use for summer steelies. And it is an okay weight for winter steelies, most use a 7-9 weight, but a 6 will be fine for a first timer. If you have a type 3 or 4 sink tip and 100 yards of backing you are set for steelheading. Get a copy of Trey Combs Steelhead Fly Fishing, read up on the steelie swing and on tackle, then take the rest of the book at your pace while you chase the wily steelhead.

Also know that there are searun cutthroats in your neighborhood. Fish rocky, weedy beaches with shrimp and streamers to catch these beasts of the salt water and estuaries. Right now, they are in the salt, in the fall they follow the migrations of the salmon to eat eggs, and in the late winter ascend streams and rivers to spawn in fresh water.

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