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new to tying

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I've been a member of the Forum for a bit over a year. I started fishing the beaches and the folks on the Forum have given me great suggestions on how to find good fishing (never where and I don't ask). I started tying flies a couple of months ago and am amazed that I've actually caught fish on some of my creations. I have constructed versions of Chum Babies and Roger Stephens top water sand lance. I'm now trying to tie flat wing (?) pattern that I found in a photograph on the forum. I can't figure out who the original artist is so I can't give them due credit.


Here is my problem: I'm using RIO UV Knot Sealer to try to build heads on the flat wing pattern. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to build the material evenly on the hook. I'm also struggling with getting eyes (I'm using Spirit River molded eyes) to stay in place.


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Ed, thanks for the suggestion. I did as you recommended and have started direct contact with Kelvin. I'm looking forward to meeting with him.

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