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New Toon

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Yep I got it, many months back I had said that I was given the opportunity to purchase my buddies toon. Today, after months of waiting to get my money together, I have now made the purchase and taken possession of my first boat. I know some have commented that its not the best boat, ODC 1220, but its mine now and I'll be opening my fishing opportunities in a bigger way in the not so distant future. I also hope to take a few others, my neighbor, some friends from church and school on some fishing trips. I'm stoked and just had to share my news with ya'll - another early christmas present. Plus my wife was fairly supportive with the whole boat purchasing thing too, I would've never guessed that!!
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It has often been said that the two happiest days in a boat owner's life are the day he bought it, and the day he sold it. You have made two people happy. Merry Christmas. :)
Congrads on the new toons JB,we saw one last year on the river which followed us down threw some class 2 & 3 waters,seemed to do Very well, btw, very nice looking boat.Hope you enjoy it,have fun & be careful on it.
Just in time for winter steelhead floats. Congratulations. Best of luck with all the access that has opened up for you.
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