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Newbie to Fly Fishing - Where to go?

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I have a customer and office mate who would love to try fly fishing.

They would like to do it next weekend

If the weather is nice - say 70 or abouve I was thinking of taking them to the S Fork of the Snoqualmie for some wet wading. The other idea is to take them out in the drift boat on Rattlesnake. How has rattlesnake lake fishing?

Does anyone have any advice for taking out the newbies?
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Are they completely new to fly fishing or just green? If they have never done before, teach them to cast on a lawn and make sure they know the blood knot and improved clinch knot. This will save you and them a lot of frustration when you get to the river, It'll be a lot more enjoyable for you both. That said, good on you for sharing your addiction, I'm sure it will soon consume their lives too. South fork Sno would be a good choice. Have fun!
My customer has extensive experience fishing the salt in Florida out of his ocean going boat, but no fly fishing experience. He is a newbie to Washington and fly fishing.

I am assuming my office mate has no fishing experience at all, so it should be an entirely new experience for him. I am not sure how much experience he has getting out of the urban areas.
Greg, tho the weather is not expected to break 65 next weekend, it's Washington so who knows, it could change to a heat wave by wednesday. The S. Fork Sno is a great place to get people started. Easy to wet wade. Do you think your customer will care on what he/she catches? If size is important, you may want a different location. The S. Fork is generally 6-12 inchers with a few cutties a little bigger depending on where you go, but it's a dry fly haven there.
As someone who's new to FFing myself, and who's self taught himself the little he knows this summer, I'll say that I've had a lot of fun fishing for starving little trout in the alpine lakes around the Baker highway. Beautiful hikes + starving little fish = can't really lose. Feel free to contact me if you want any ideas.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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