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OlyFlyguy said:
I'm grew up in Ketchikan but have relatives in Fairbanks, went to school there, and Grayling is the ticket in the interior. There are plenty of lakes that are stocked with Rainbow and I think some Browns. The upper Chena river is supposedly very good for hefty Grayling If you're heading out west to Circle there should be some good spots, though I've never been there, so ask around on the recommended sites, and there's at least 2 flyshops in Fbx. From my personal experience, for fabulous Grayling fishing--and I mean an average size of around 16-18 inches--drive southeast fromFairbanks to Delta, then straight east to the park next to the Clearwater river. There is a nightclub of sorts right on the river next to end of the park, and you can usually wade it there easily after spring runoff. I was there in early June and it was fine. Only problem I see is July/August can be very warm and that slows the mid-day bite. Mosquitos work well, as does a royal coachman, and I found orange stimulators were fine too, all in #14 and smaller. They are beautiful fish with peacock colors on the dorsal, not the spunk of a Bow but fun nontheless. In two separate trips there--less than 3 hours apiece--I caught at least 20-30 fish each time, none smaller than 15".

On other options, the grind to Valdez is a very long one, I'd just enjoy the interior Grayling fishing, it's unique and uncommonly good. Other options to consider are south near Talkeetna and near Denali, esp. in July/August when the Salmon are in...but so are the Grizzly. Just pay attention and take precautions and you won't become a snack.

Tight lines, you'll have a blast!

No browns in AK but if you want grayling just fish dries anywhere
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