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My suggestion; look up the Alaska Flyfishers, the big Alaska FFF club, at:
The server can be off sometimes. But hang in there. That bunch of folks knows a lot about Alaska fishing. One of them is sure to help you on their forum. Many of these members are military retirees and they have been all over Alaska during their service. So you may have some luck with that.Call in to Mountain View Sporting Goods in Anchorage too, they may have some help or references for you. Tony Weaver is very Alaska experienced and is in Anchorage, he's also listed on the FFF site: www.fedflyfishers.org, as a master casting instructor. He is also a really nice guy, and a guide up there.The Alaska Dept of Fish and Game loves to hear from people like you. You would be amazed at how helpful they are. All you have to do is call them. And they are on the web too.Calls work better in my experience.I would also try calling a few small businesses in the town/village near your fishing trip. Some people love to talk about local fishing. Hope these suggestions help you out.
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