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My wife and I went on a typical tourist trip to Alaska last summer and I took only a 5wt with me. When ever we'd stop for the night there was usually a stream close by and greyling are very common in the alaska waters. A little mosquito dry was recommended to me and was productive. They weren't big fish 10-12 but fun. Don't forget to pack your 8wt as you may get a chance to fish salmon on your way to and from the Fairbanks area. Wherever you plan to spend the night in southeast alaska, there'll probably be a chance to wet your line in a local stream or sometimes right off the shore in the salt. The southeast alaskan silvers usually don't return to the freshwater until mid Aug and the kings come back early summer but a little searching the web should tell you what'll be running when you decide the timing of your trip. It's worth checking into it 'cause if you're there when the fish are returning, you'll never forget it. Roger(Topflight senior)
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