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ok, i'm sorry for posting this so please forgive!:clown: I just wanted to give some of you a heads up if anyone ever is considering a move to Anchorage. Pick any other town. Your better off in soldotna, kenai, sterling but if your thinking of Anc, be prepared to see places like this.

Another utter rip off property management company in Anchorage. 800.00 for a 550 sq ft studio? what a bunch of crap. Greed, no other way to put it. Plus you pay heat. Well, by golly gee...where's the washer dryer for that price? what a joke, and this isn't the only place that is ripping people off. Craigslist is filled with out of site rental prices. But i'm sure most people would be buying a home if they are successful. There are hardly a 1 bdrm under 700.00 except for the out of town cities.

It's another reason why i moved out. We call can appreciate Alaska, but your gonna drive 40 miles to work 1 way or another if you decide to live in the Mat su valley's wasilla, or palmer. One day in late Nov i was being taken from Palmer, to the Anc Airport, for a 2 month duck huntin trip a few yrs back and on that snowy day, we counted 11 overturned cars and 2 in the ditch.

rent prices all over the state of WA are a darn good renters market. hope i didn't blow the lid off this good news:rolleyes: u almost have to have a job working on the slope to afford any good place in that town. what a bunch of crap.

however, there is good news for some. You can find really nice cabins or small houses from private owners in the towns mentioned above at very reasonable rental prices. A few are dry cabins but most towns have good housing. Soldotna, sterling is better than Kenai. too many drugs in kenai.
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