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NFR: Smart phones / cell phones

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Just lost my waterproof cell phone at Seatac. Thinking of getting a Droid. Any thought / comments? Good or bad?

Due to where I travel Verizon seems the way to go.
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My brother likes his. So do a couple friends. Not as stable perhaps out of the box as the iPhones I've had. But not locked to Apple's terms of use either. And of course you can't get an iphone for verizon yet.
It's worth noting that Verizon will begin selling the iPhone 4 in January. It's not unrealistic to anticipate that their network will begin to experience the same high usage that resulted in the outages and dropped calls that have plagued AT&T customers, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones that suck bandwidth like crack cocaine.

A few people at my work have Droids. They seem to like them. I asked one to make a phone call with his right after he got it and it took him a bit of time to figure out how. Another walked into a meeting and his phone loudly announced itself with "DROID". Kinda funny. Another meeting goer sounded off with "You can always tell a new droid user. They haven't figured out how to change the default ring tone yet."
I have enough trouble with the old flip phones. These new ones are beyond me.
I have a Droid and really like the OS but the physical keyboard is a bit redundant and makes it thicker than necessary. I would consider the new droid x if you are into movies and games, if not than htc incredible seems like the way to go right now. Stability is not an issue. Don't drink the apple coolaid.
my buddy has the droix x and all the features are cool and stuff but its too heavy and BIG for me. I thought the release of the IPhone on Verizon in Jan has been cancelled? I have a hand full of buddies that have the G4 IPhone and they are all disappointed due to dropped calls like a bad habit continuously!
I have the LG Ally (which is a droid) by Verizon. I LOVE it. Good apps, small and light enough (almost size of my flip phone). Slides for a full keyboard. It's smaller then the original Motorola droid. And the keyboard is distinct, so my big thumbs won't multi hit keys like I did testing out the Motorola droid. Works good, and isn't heavy to me or combersome. For what I use it for, it works great. But I don't want to run movies and such. Just simple apps, some Youtube, etc, and surfing the web.
I'm an iPhone guy myself but I have a friend who works for att and he is loving the new Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S rebranded for att) Android phone... the one with the AMOLED screen and such. I'd check that out in the verizon spec version of the same Galaxy S, the Fascinate.
I believe the Verizon release of the iPhone has never been confirmed by either Apple or Verizon. I also remember hearing that AT&T and Apple signed a *5* year deal giving AT&T exclusivity on the iPhone, and that was in 2007. Then again, the details of that deal were also not disclosed to the public.

Personally I prefer a physical keyboard - I've got an HTC Fuze (WinMo) and a t-mobile G1. Can't wait for my current contract to be up so I can replace the lot with an android device that can update to FroYo or later (for the "update all apps" feature.)
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