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NFR: UM Griz vs. SFA Lumberjacks online

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This FCS semifinal playoff game between the FCS' #1 and #2 offenses is well worth watching right now online at espn360.com.

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That was a rout in the Grizz favor. If SFA had a good offense it didn't show. Good game.
I can only guess that it the cold that slowed SFA's game down. They don't see many days in the 20s down in Nagadoches. They've got an explosive offense and the line on the game was a toss-up.

I was at the game, it was a crazy win. I wanted sfa to win because I graduated from MSU.
This weekend App State comes to the cozy confines of Washingon-Griz. Going to be Epic. Go Griz!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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