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Most technically advanced reel ever made by RR! Currently discontinued because RR is changing numbering system of their reels ( f.e. instead of size 2, size 5/6 etc). Great reel by any standards.
So before they and on a big site I figured out I my try to sell locally.

Factory link with more tech info and retail pricing: http://www.rossreels.com/ross-f1.html

All reels comes with box, pouch and paperwork- of course!
None of them was ever put on rod- factory new condition.

I am offering following reels at prices as below:

Ross F1 2 (lines 4/5) Black = $325
Ross F1 3 (lines 5/7) Nickel Silver = $342
Ross F1 4 (lines 7/9) Black = $357
Ross F1 4 (lines 7/9) Nickel Silver = $357

Shipping USA= $10
PayPal OK

(I am also interested in trades. I do not want new stuff. I am seeking some older Winstons, Scotts G, HP or glass, Sage LL379 only, other good glass. Bamboo is ok if I can check/cast it in person -around Portland. Classic reels possible too.)

PM me if you are interested.
Thank you for checking.


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