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The Nook is not open for Dolly Varden or Bull trout, however they do take flys when fishing for other species. And yes, they are nice fish. It seems to me there is a healthy population of native char in the Nooksack, at least in the N.fork.

I usually try to fish the forks when they are running any where from 200-400cfs. I have fished it allot higher but I know where to go to do it. If thre freezing levelcomes down to 3000 you know the north fork will be running clear even if it has been raining--its all glacial fed so you really have to pay attention to all of that stuff.

Another thing if you are new to fishing the Nooksack, it is a fast river, and can decieve people because it runs clear when its on. Wear a wading belt! I have swam the river more than once and usually every year the river takes a few people.

good luck,

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