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Fished the south fork of the Nooksack yesterday. Hooked a big coho, but lost it unfortunately. The river was fairly low, but muddy.
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steve, fished the southfork also yesterday, river was just the right height but, as you said was pretty muddy, and then the wind pushed a lot of leaves into the water. I tried using the flyrod for awhile, but coudn't get one to bite, so i hate to say this, but i switched to my spoon rod and had my limit in about 20 minutes! Nice bright fresh fish! next time i'll have to stick with the flyrod until it produces. good luck next time, looks like the river went out again today, according to the graph.:'(
Yeah I figured it would be blown out pretty quick with all the rain. I might try going tomorrow, but I'll probably have to get out my full sinking line and do some dredging.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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