If you ever wanted the ultimate vise for rotary tying then look no further than the Nor-Vise. I purchased this directly from Norm Norlander (RIP) and commercially tied on it for a period of time in MT. This is an excellent vise and speeds up the tying process on many steelhead and streamer patterns. I am including the fine point jaws along with the standard jaws and the automatic bobbin kit which are all sold separately. The breakdown of the current retail cost on this vise is as follows:

Nor-Vise = $415
Automatic Bobbin Kit - $100
Fine Point Jaws - $135
Total Value: $650

You can find more about this vise here: The Best Quality Fly Tying Vise System made in the USA

I will also include a bamboo base and 1 doz caddis flies for free!

Buyer will pay shipping cost and PayPal is preferred and cash is accepted if meeting in person.