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Norton's Ice Nymph

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Simple, basic attractor. Tied here as a golden stone; change colors/size to suit your needs.

hook - Dai Riki 280 # 8
thread - Danville 6/0 brown
bead - gold 4mm
underbody - non-tox .030
tail - woodchuck guard hairs
abdomen/thorax - Ide Dub golden brown
shellback - turkey tail
hackle - partridge

mash barb, slip bead onto hook, cover front 1/3 of shank with non-tox and jam it inside the bead; start thread and wrap to point above barb

clip off a clump of woodchuck guard hairs, measure (gap width past bend), tie in, trim butts at intersection with underbody and cover with thread

dub thread/dub abdomen to 2/3 mark

measure (a bit less than gap width) a slip of treated (thinned Shoe Goo used here; any flexible vinyl cement works fine) turkey tail; tie in and cover with thread wraps to 50% mark (including bead)

dub thorax

prep partridge feather; tie in by tip, wrap, tie off/trim

stroke partridge fibers down, pull shellback forward

trim turkey, whip finish, SHHAN

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Thanks Scott, another great SBS. We all appreciate your efforts!
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