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I went east this weekend for the first time in awhile. The weather has been so poor over there for our regular haunts, i have been staying home, but i needed to get Madison out for some upland action so we we went regardless of the weather.
Saturday morning my godfather and I hunted ducks at his club and managed to shoot 9 but by 9:30 the flight died and we picked up to go chase some quail. We started out to make a nice big loop over some very familiar ground but it seemed from the lack of bird that someone had beat us to the spot already. we cut out and headed for a small stand of trees that usually holds some birds only to see the covey flush wild. Late season quail can be great when they congregate in big numbers and this was no exception. The covey was close to 100 birds and we managed to get about half of them off in some tall clump grass. It was beautiful. Madison was pointing quail all over the place and my 28ga that i hadnt shot all year seemed to fit just right. We pushed the birds all the way back to a little irrigation ditch that is raised up between some fields. Maddison started to work down the top of it, and I followed just behind her. In a moment I can still picture in my mind she went on point looking down to the right, with head head cocked to one side and tail up in the air. Freezing for just a moment she then dove into the brush and a pair of quail came shooting out over the field. My final birds of the day were collected with a very fine double ;)
9 ducks and 18 quail for the day. not a bad way to start the weekend.

Sunday I met up with my buddy Jon and his son to chase some ducks. the birds did not want to work but we managed to scratch out a few suicide birds and ended up with 16 or 17 hard earned ducks.
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