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Novis S1 Vita Juicer Nib

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Brand new in sealed box. Item # 6511 22 03; color is 'Silver Contour.' $195 - cash, no trades, no shipping, no paypal. Sells for over $400 in stores.

"The Novis Vita Juicer is a new type of kitchen appliance from Novis USA that combines 4 functions in 1 single unit: - citrus pressing, centrifuge with citrus pressing, juicing, and pureeing. The Novis Vita Juicer is a premium product developed in Switzerland for a natural and healthy lifestyle. It's high-quality manufacturing, innovative technology, and product design make the Novis Vita Juicer a world first in the field of kitchen appliances.

Product Features
A novel multifunctional juicer, cleverly combines a juicer and citrus press in one appliance
Thanks to the innovative combination of citrus press and centrifuge, considerably more nutrients remain in the juice which also gives it a wonderfully creamy consistency
Die-cast housing
The Novis Vita Juicer has a single operating button (on/off) which makes it child's play to use. The intelligent appliance has a self-regulating rotary speed and reacts automatically to different fruit pulp consistencies, without you having to adjust this manually
All elements that come into contact with fruit pulp can easily be taken apart and cleaned in the dishwasher. As a world first, the centrifuge in particular, can be dismantled into two parts, making it even easier to clean.
The simple function of the drip protector, which is just as easy to use, prevents juice leaking out
Thanks to the special shape, fruit and vegetables can be easily fed into the centrifuge. This eliminates the need for actively pushing in the fruit and vegetables, unlike conventional juicers. The shape allows carrots, apples etc. to be literally drawn into the appliance.

MULTIFUNCTION - 4 Functions in one. - Engages the citrus press to yield maximum extraction of juice with pulp from lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits with no effort. (patent-protected)
- Engages the citrus press
- Easy to operate fitting prevents the flow of juice and any drips. (patent-protected)
20% MORE - The multifunctional Vita Juicer produces 20% more juice than conventional juicers, plus it presses citrus juice, purees and can juice everything from leafy greens to hard and soft vegetables and fruits.
Warranty -- 10 year warranty on the motor and 3 year warranty on the parts
QUIET OPERATION - Low noise volume."

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