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I started out for Nunnally Saturday morning at 3:15 am from my home in south Everett. Shortly past North Bend I realized that this was going to be a longer day than I had anticipated. Snow was falling, and soon the freeway was white. You could only see about two car lengths ahead of you. I looked back and remembered that I took out my chains a few weeks ago. As I neared the pass, the snow was coming down like crazy, and I was down to 25 mph, occasionally sliding around.

Finally made it over the hump in one piece, and arrived at Nunnally, greeted by white caps and high winds. Myself and a dozen or so other fellow fly flickers spent the morning trying to remember what it felt like to have a fish on the end of your line as we bobbed around Merry (Nunnally was unfishable). After four hours and three bumps I'd had enough.

I drove back over the pass (bare and dry mid-day, wouldn't you know), and made it to Pass Lake in record time. By 3:00 pm I was trolling down to the North end, and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening chasing down trout in the shallows. I caught a nice 20" brownie up in the bushes on a Kaufman's filoplume mayfly nymph, and a decent rainbow that dove under a submerged log in front of the house. I spent ten minutes with my rod under water, and finally coaxed the 17" buck out and into my net.

A nice 'mid hatch was coming off about 7:30, but by then, I called it quits, having to drive another hour and a half home. A lot of work for three fish, but sometimes it just works out that way. I used to think of success in numbers, but that brownie made my day.

Aaron J

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Yikes! Hopefully I'll not meet the white stuff tomorrow headed for the Highland Lake Fling. Gonna do Stevens pass, it looks clear on the webcam from the DOT.

I wish I could break my MacRowdy Pass Lake Syndrome. Gonna have to keep at it I guess...Thanks for the report!


Good things come to those who wade...

That a way AJ! The successful angler, when faced by less than ideal conditions, is always prepared to drive the other way, past his home, to the other side of the state, if necessary (or another state!).

Strong Work

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