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odc 420 float tube

i'm interested in the odc 420 float tube


i'm looking for opinions of this tube

pros vs cons

does the tube sides collapse when sitting in it

do you sit high enough

is it comfotable seating

what would be better (i dont want a pontoon boat, so dont recommend one please)

funds are somewhat limited (as in cant afford scadden products)

thanks in advance


Many fish coup
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I owned an ODC 420 for two seasons. Very comfortable, you sit high and the stiff floor/seat of foam keeps the tubes seperated without a rod. I really had no complaints until the seams started to leak. I may have caused the problem by stressing the seams from over inflation. You have to remember to deflate the tubes slightly to compensate for the sun and warmer temps that cause the tubes to inflate when you remove it from the water.......I didn't. Creek Company does have outstanding customer service and sent me two new bladders, no charge.
I had a chance to buy an Outcast Fishcat 4 the following year and was so impressed with the thickness of the bladders, I sold the ODC and bought a Outcast Fat Cat too. I think the Outcast product overall is better than the Creek Co. for the money but I have seen a new ODC go for $100 on ebay http://tinyurl.com/yb8n97w

Hot Carl
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i've had one for a couple years now. i've had to replace the bladders 3 times now, and i really don't use it hardly at all. however, creek company has replaced them each time very promptly. it's just a bummer to be on the back end of pass lake, and have to kick back before the boat sinks.

great boat when it's not leaking though!
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