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:thumb:I fished Thur - Sunday in the Okanogon area. This was by far the best weather I had on my last two outings to this area. Took off after work on wed and slept at my friends place in Okanogon. Fished blue lake, the one near Wannacutt lake on thur. I had not fished this lake last year and decided to give it a try. I got on the water about 10:30 and fished until 3pm with one fish to the net. Tried type 4 and intermediate lines with little luck. There were some chrono's coming off and I made a half harted attempt to fish them. I missed a few take downs on a blood worms. I should have fished them longer but I'm not much of a chrono fisherman. I decided to take a break and let my dogs run a bit and have some lunch. I talked to a local who was trying to get his grand daughter to catch a some fish from shore. He told me this lake can turn off and on and some times you can't buy a fish on it. He said the fishing should get better in the evening. I was going leave to fish Chopaka for a few days but decided I would get more fishing in if I stayed and fish the evening. That was a wise decision on my part. I got back on the water around 7 pm and landed two very big fish i n less than an hour with a bead head bugger the local gave me. I missed a few more strikes and called it quits at 8:30. Some local teens were shore fishing with their fly rods and one kid caught a 16 inch fish. The fish were close to the shore but weren't willing to bite. I decided to camp there for the night, grill up some marinated quail and drink some cheap whiskey. Life was good.
I left the lake at 7am and met two rigs coming down the Chopaka grade so I new i was going to get a camping spot. More good luck befell me when I was able to get a coveted covered camping spot next to a bunch of guys from the Okanogon fly fishing club. I fished the next two and a half days at Chopaka. I don't want to get ragged on posting the #'s of fish I caught but being an average fly fisherman I never had a 20 fish plus day at this lake. I had a great 2 1/2 for me, with most of my fish caught fishing deep with type 4 line. I was able to catch 5 or 6 fish a day on dries but some guys were doing much better than that.
A few thing I learned on this trip was a 6x leader doesn't work well with dries on this lake, at least not for me. Never leave your damsel fly's at home. Some of the guys did well fishing with adult damsel's. My newly bought, slightly used, $75 Bucks Bag high adventure pontoon boat is great and was a great deal. Hope to fish this area again soon.
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