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Okanogon Area

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The girlfried and I are going to fish the okanogon area lakes with hopefully Chopaka on the hit list. I would rather camp at Chopaka and maybe do a little grouse hunting in the morning but she likes the state park campground in Conconully. Has anyone fished the blue lakes, chopaka, or aneas lately? Do you think the water temps will be cool enough to fish? Any info would be appreciated.
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This is a great time of year to fish. Go have fun and bring us back some good lies, pics help too!
If the weather is sunny and clear, Omak Lake should be at the top of your hit list. It's fishing great right now for cutts that average about 18-20 inches. I fished Bonaparte yesterday, after hearing rumors of people catching big browns and tigers. I caught nothing but brookies, the action on dries non-stop all day.
Haven't fished Aeneas or Chopaka lately, though they are usually safe bets. Don't bother with Ell, it's toast. Dozens of the planter lakes in the area will produce cookie-cutter 12 inch bows.
I fished the Blue in the Sinlahekin Valley over Labor Day. Didn't put a lot of effort into it as I was mostly pre-occupied looking for grouse. When the wind wasn't blowing the surface of the lake was covered with fish slurping emerging midges. The big guys were leaping after blue damsel flies - of course I didn't have any with me. Still caught a lot 6-8" with various patterns (size 18-20) plus a couple of nice 14" rainbows on a wooly bugger wet wading from shore. The folks with float tubes and boats had much better luck going after the big guys.
You might add Green to the list. Nothing very big but it can be very consistent.

Thanks for all the good info guys. I only have 3 days and there are so many lakes to fish. I better leave the dogs and shotgun home. I probably won't have time to do both especially if I camp at the state park. I hate the ride to Chopaka form there, although a bear or grouse could get in the way on the ride up there.
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