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I have a 10/11 on my Spey rod. I've been rather happy with it. I've caught several steelhead on it with out much trouble (see below). I used it over 2 days in the salt with no bad results. I did fully wash it out after each use though.

Just watch the handle. It's attached with a small screw in the center make sure it's tight.

Last fall I was fishing the silver run and hooked what I though at first was a silver but turned out to nice steelhead. On it's first run I reached down to palm the reel and watched in horror as the handle banged my thumb and came flying off. (It actually seemed in slow motion at the time) I got my knuckles rapped pretty bad trying to play that fish using the counter weight.

Now I just make sure to check the screw. I haven't had any further problems.
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