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Old Bamboo Rod

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I have an old bamboo fly rod. The only marking is 59-9'. My uncle gave it to me in the early 60's when I was just starting to fly fish. It was old then. Several years later I broke the tip - its a three piece rod with metal ferules. The guides were old and corroded and I took them off years ago with the intent of putting new ones on, but never got around to it. The reel seat and cork are old and beat.

Is it worth having restored? I have no idea if it was originally an expensive rod or a cheap one. I've recently gotten back into fly fishing and have fond memories of catching fish on this rod as a kid. I'd need to get a new tip section. I have the old broken one with the original ferule.

I would appreciate any advice as to what I should do. Comments, suggestions or a referral would be welcome. Thanks.

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Can you post some detail photos of the rod? If I get a better look I might be able to help you out.
Hi Steve, how far is the break from the tip. If it's 6-8 inches I would put on another tip and fish it. Most of the 9' 2 pc. rods were mass production rods of low value but can be enjoyable to fish, especially for pan fish.
I've refurbished quite a few older bamboo rods and also have a few parts rods, plus rods I've built from new cane blanks. If the reel seat and cork are as bad as you say it might be better to forget the rehab and find one in better condition. They're out there and maybe another forum member in your area can help. I really enjoy fishing cane occasionally and encourage you to try it. Good Luck!!
Others have identified it as an inexpensive South Bend bass rod. It is a three piece and the tip is splintered - bad - not broken clean off, but not repairable. The reel seat is functional but cracked. I can't see putting the money into restoring it - better to buy the new 3wt I've been thinking about.

Thanks for the replies and input from all.

Why not just make a wall hanger, or some other type of decoration out of it? I have one of my Grandfather's old 3 pc cane rods wired together as a tri-pod for a speaker stand. (Small Bose type speaker)
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