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Old Guy Four Eyes Question- Transitions Lenses

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I'm due for an eye exam in a couple of months and am pretty sure I'll need a stronger prescription.
I currently and will continue to wear progressive lenses and have both regular and polarized sunglasses.
When out fishing I always end up carrying both, switching back and forth, or putting on the sunglasses and unintentionally leaving the regular ones behind which sucks if you're rowing some technical water when it's near dark, as I once experienced, and can't see shit without glasses.

So thinking about something like the polarized Transitions brand lenses, has anyone tried them and if so your opinion?

Thanks in advance.
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Not a big fan of thw transitions lenses. They go dark sometimes when i do not want them to. Im lucky with the ability to wear contacts and any sunglasses i wish. Good luck when thet shoot that puff if air in your eyes. i hate that thing
Good luck when thet shoot that puff if air in your eyes. i hate that thing
Thanks and agreed!!!
Funny we were just talking about that at work. I'm a 5 year veteran of wearing glasses now and have Polorized bifocal sunglasses and regular progressive glasses for twilight. I do carry them both and I don't consider that a problem. Once the sun starts going down I switch and it goes smoother than me changing a fly.
I have the Transition lenses. Also have prescription sunglasses. More often than not I end up just wearing the regular glasses. They work almost as well as the sunglasses.

Much more flexible on those partially cloudy days.

The only thing that I don't like. If the sun's not on the lenses, they won't be as dark as I would like.
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I have glasses with transitional lenses (non Polarized), and often they work well enough that I don't bother with the sunglasses. When I'm wearing sunglasses, it's a PITA changing back into corrective glasses to re-tie or fix a tangle, and my distance vision isn't quite as good without the correction, so I'm all around better off not wearing the sunglasses at all if possible. They come out mainly in super bright conditions.

'Wasn't aware there were transitional lenses available with polarization too. I may have to look into that next time.
I wear Tri-focals with those lenses. They don't get dark enough for me so I wear Cocoons over my glasses. Works for me. If I don't wear the Cocoons the sun bothers my eyes.
The transitions don't get dark enough for me and they aren't available in my favorite color, copper. I too carry them to put on at dusk, when they are ok.
I need to go in for an eye exam, myself. I have transition lenses, and also some polarized Cocoons to wear over those in bright sunlight.
I wear non-polarized prescription sunglasses for driving, since my transition lenses stay clear inside my vehicle.
Second the Cocoons but they are kinda bulky. I've seen some really cool ones but they are top end. I weear the bulky ones. Your Dr will know. Also clip on sunglasses. They have some good ones out
So, what I'm gathering so far is that the general consesus is that they don't get dark enough in full sun, correct?
From the reading I've done thay have various models with most darkening by UV so won't darken inside of a car.
They also have a Drivewear model that must darken by available light.
I would get whatever your comfortable wearing in everyday life and add a pair of Cocoons when fishing. The Cocoons wrap around your head and provide a lot better glare protection than regular - even transitions.
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So, what I'm gathering so far is that the general consesus is that they don't get dark enough in full sun, correct?
It's more like. If your wearing a hat they will just darken to the conditions under the hat. So not as dark as you may like.

If I'm sitting in one spot with the sun just hitting the bottom of the lenses, that part will get much darker.

With no hat, they get plenty dark.
I just got my first pair of transition lens and they work great. I call them my "perve" glasses because they always have a very slight tint unless its pitch black out. They change color very quickly and I bought the flex Ray-Ban frames so they look like regular sunglasses. Frames were a little pricey, but the wife said they looked good and who am I to argue. They are not polarized however so I don't wear them on the water. I still use my older frames with Cocoon's... love those overtop sunglasses!
Not a big fan of thw transitions lenses. They go dark sometimes when i do not want them to. Im lucky with the ability to wear contacts and any sunglasses i wish. Good luck when thet shoot that puff if air in your eyes. i hate that thing
If they're not using a topical anesthetic for the glaucoma test find someone who does.
I wear prescription transition progressive bifocals, they don't get dark enough for me when I'm in bright sunlight and they aren't polarized (but do darken inside my truck). My sunglasses are polarized progressive bifocals but for what ever reason, the bifocal doesn't seem to have the same "boost" as my regular glasses. Regardless, I can't see small flies with either pair of glasses, bifocal or no bifocal, so I carry a pair of 5X glasses (Duluth Trading Post stuff) for the fine work on the creek, river or lake.... PITA? Yeah. And sometimes I forget the 5X so then I may have a few minutes to cuss when retying....

Cocoons, huh?
I've tried every combination and permutation possible. Cacoons are the way to go. take them off and just use your regular progressive lens glasses at dawn/dusk.
I don't drive around at night here in Montana. Too damn many deer out and about at night. I hit a deer in Minnesota doing about 75 MPH. It went under the car not up but did enough damage that way. About $5,000 damage.
I have the Transitions Drivewear lenses. They are something you should look into. What makes them unique is that they are polarized but will work through the windshield of a car. The only negative is they transition from Olive Green to Copper to Brown (not clear) depending on the type of light condition. This means that in low light fishing situations, they are not ideal.
I have found them to be a good compromise to constantly switching my glasses when fishing.
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Thanks to all who posted.
I can see some real positives but am bothered by all of the comments saying they don't get dark enough and certainly not into the "Perve" look, I'll leave that for FA.:D
That being said, I think it's a great concept and hope they continue to improve the product in the years to come.
I did order the free decals to try on my regular glasses so anxious to see for myself.
Also, it appears that Costco sells them. Along with a good return policy, the optical people at our N. side store are more than willing to give honest feedback.

The Cocoon's seem like a good idea. I did try some on in the past but the added weight just felt clunky and I would still be carrying two pair of glasses, the thing I was trying to avoid. I did however really like the side shielding that they gave.

For now, I'll just stick with the progressives in regular and polarized. Depending on the Costco return policy and feedback may still try the others.

Another option would be to tell my wife that I need to fish with Buzzy for a day so I can see how his sunglasses work.:)
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