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Olympia Peeps. (and Surrounding Area)

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Just wanted to get the word out about the Trout Unlimited chapter in Olympia. We have been having some great meetings this year. We've had Jim Unsworth (WDFW director), James Losee (Bio WDFW), as well as a few others. We also do quite a few projects around the Olympia area.

If you are interested in conservation and the health of our cold water fish, we are interested in you. What does it take to be a member, you ask? Well, how about spending a couple hours a month with other like minded people, not hard huh?

John Hicks
Olympia T.U. Secretary
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Good luck finding folks willing to spend a little personal time doing the heavy lifting. I'm not saying that in a negative context only having experienced it in the 80's and 90's when I was on the board of King County Chapter of TU. Lot's of time spent trying to improve the Green River and Newaukum Creek. It was a challenge getting folks involved back then and suspect that still to be the case today. Now aligned with Montana TU and retired, I will offering some help to the local efforts; like the Jefferson River. Thanks for the investment you have offered to make... I know it's not for the paycheck.
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