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My first post, but wanted to share some of my own experience from these lakes this weekend.
First time fishing Omak this week. Holy Crap! Obviously no Pyramid but you're still able to put your pattern in front of a 30" Lahontan. Schools up to 25 fish deep were visible from the parking spot 100 yards up the hill.
We read reports that that afternoon/evening bite was solid so we tried that. Stopped by North 40 in Omak to pick up some patterns we weren't stocked up on. Damselfly nymphs, leaches, and calibaetis nymphs.
My fiancé hooked up on a black wooly bugger within ten minutes. Just over 20". Then another a few minutes later. 21"
I however was running up and down the bank line like I was chasing roosters in Baja. No luck until late when the sun was dropping a threw a calibaetis nymph under a small indicator and caught 4 in an hour. Evening bite was definitely better with the water temps up.
The lake was at 66 degrees and the fish weren't in their usual spot cruising along the bank line. Casted some nymphs and leaches but to no avail. I asked for "15 more minutes" from my group because I didn't feel like last cast was gonna be enough. First cast after I tied on an olive sculpzilla...bam! Had this little piglet ( http://instagr.am/p/BFFfnN0BPD6/ ) on the line. 23"
Had some friends with pontoons head to other side of the lake past the "cabins." They landed 17, none under 20".

Tight lines guys!
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