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Drove approximately 1.5 million miles today, then hiked in another 5 miles to my float plane, flew in a few circles and landed in my favorite river.

Finally making it to my favorite spot, I started my day of fishing I found my self in a very nice hatch. BUGS EVERYWHERE!!!!
Insect Arthropod Finger Cricket Wood

This was the largest fish of the day. It cam completely out of the water and destroyed the fly I was skating in some relatively fast moving water that led to a deep pool. A beautiful sight.
Fish Salmon-like fish Marine biology Fisherman Fishing

Water Vertebrate Salmon-like fish Watercourse Fin
Gesture Finger Fish Thumb Nail

Opening weekend was awesome. Gave my Cabela's glass rod a work out. I can't wait to fill up the float plane and hit this location again.

I hope everyone else got into fish this weekend like I did.


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You have a float plane? Could I borrow? Got a couple hours below my belt in a Cessna 172 LOL
I know those rocks. Good job my friend.
Solid day man.... thanks for the inspiration
A good day indeed. It's good to have such a remote secret spot. Mine is so secret I blindfold myself whenever I go in . . . nice fish!
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