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Opening Day MA-9

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It wasn't this morning. Nobody told the fish. Couldn't stay for the ebb.

Had a good breakfast with Jeff and Paul.

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Hmmm... Maybe I'll sleep in tomorrow then. Thanks for the heads up.
Yeah, I found out late last night that I would be kid free this morning, so I was on the beach at around 4:30 or so this morning. Saw a few small fish jumping out past where I could cast, but other than that seemed pretty dead. Fished for about 3 hours before my hall pass was up.
Yeah. Same here. Pretty slow, but I didn't get out until the ebb. Found two 12 inchers..... bent my rod in half!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Thanks for for the info.....
I thought about being sick,
cough, cough.
I took the day off, so down to the beach at 07:00. The weather was decent for the first couple of hours, then it began to blow pretty good. Started off casting some small clousers, and caught one bullhead. Switched to a pink shrimp using a twitch retrieve, and brought a small rezzie near to hand. At first I thought it was about a 13" inch SRC, but then I got a pretty good look just before it shook itself free.

Kind of reminded me of a (good/frustrating)memory from late last summer, when I lost about an 8 lb silver on the beach. All seemed to go well fighting the fish until it decided to just hold steady and shake it's head. Came unbuttoned:hmmm:.

I am wondering if I should be "motivating" the fish to keep moving, and not get into a stand-off given the barb-less hook? Although I must say I have never really had this issue when trout fishing barb-less.
Thanks Leland, a nice surprise meeting you that morning. I did land 5 of these beauties, great on the barbeque!
Thanks Leland, a nice surprise meeting you that morning. I did land 5 of these beauties, great on the barbeque!
MMMMM, yummy!
Enjoyed talking hoops over breakfast with you Leland. The fish must have known you were coming.


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I'm sure we'll see other again in the next few weeks. I'll have to show you guys how to catch flounder on poppers!

5 hours casting in the afternoon 8 fish to hand 3 were those yummy little barby treats 4 rezzies 15" down to about 6" saw a guy tossing bait catch one bigger rezzie his friend came running over to me after it was landed, carried up the beach, and dropped in the sand a few times and asked wild coho were legal to keep, my 8th fish was a very fat 15" cutthroat which surprised the hell out of me pnp usually isn't much of a cutt beach. As the sun started down and the was coming in there were large schools of bait moving around the birds were feeding heavily alotof smaller fish feeding and thats when the bait guy caught his and I was sure things would fire up but it never came to pass.
I would like to see that

I just got back from California and watched a California halibait hitting baitfish on the surface
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