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Opening day... What can I say people stoked that they might have a chance to snag some reds and catch a few salmon, especially with the horrible king return, the tension on the drive was palpable. The parking lot at 11 was a party atmosphere. I parked on the road though and biked the two miles to the campground. Saved $11

Got to the river and rigged up by 11:15 only 45 minutes to wait, yeah I was a bit amped, figured I'd calm down and have a beer to toast the new season

Decided to try throwing this, just because

Didn't get anything on the mouse in the opening minutes, decided to switch to a big nasty flesh fly, missed a bunch of fish. Glow in the dark bobbercator mixed with huge flesh fly getting thrown around in the dark, finally got a hook up.

Wandered around in the dark and high water for a while, not catching anything, finally lost my one flesh fly and decided to hang out until dawn. Made a fire drank a beer, and waited. Finally around 3:30 it was light enough to tie on a new fly and start fishing. Went up to this rock, bam... Fish Cast Again, Fish, and again, fish. Go to the hole I was constantly fishing as a kid. It was a parade of trout every third or fourth cast I'd hook a fish.
Most looked like this

I like smaller trout on this flow, they look prettier than the big boys, also I don't care that much about losing them. I hooked some big fish too, one was huge 24" or 25" and all colored up but I lost him right at the net. Caught a few in to low 20s Like this one

These big boys were skinny after the spawn, but they all were healthy, fighting hard, jumping, and running. Looks like this will shape up to be a good trout year.

Bye Bye

Left as the sun came up over the mountain, after catching my fill of rainbows.
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