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Oregon Coast @ Seaside...

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Hey guys going to be on the Oregon Coast at Seaside in a couple of weeks with the family and been doing some research but haven't been able to turn over anything that gives me any info about what is happening down there. I am not looking for some super secret honey hole but a simple you should be able to get this fish, this time of year, on this river and here are some general access points for wading is all I need. Since I do have the family, I am really just looking to be able to get out fish a run and get back! A few hours is my window unless you got something I can't turn down and I can pull the father's day card and vanish with the greater good in mind! Thanks for anything and everything in advance!
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I heard a recent report of guys nailing Red Tail Surf Perch off the rocks at the cove inside of Seaside Point, using bait. Other than that, I don't know anything.
I was down there over Memorial Day wkend. I drove back across the A-M bridge and fished for rockfish off the N. Columbia Jetty. Wind was out of the n-west so you could cast pretty easily. Used a white bucktail-sort of pattern. We got 4 in the 2# range, in about 2 hours. Got a couple greenlings too. Not great but a little fun. You have to be fairly mobile to do this though, the jetty is not easy to navigate if you aren't fairly able-bodied.

Heavy sink-tip, short casts, and keep moving. If you can cast out 20' you are fishing correctly.
If ya take a float tube there are some lakes that have trouts in them.
Sorry I can't tell ya any names, cause i don't know the names.
There has got to be a sports shop there some where.
Any kinda jetty or rocks will have some salty fishies around, at least there used to be. But that was 30 years ago. Damn I'm getting old.
I can't remember the name of the river but it runs along 101 SB and from the east on HWY 26. Lot's of pull outs and access points. I think I even accessed it from a park at one spot, but there are quite a few cutthroat and rainbows in it. It's been 2 years but I had great luck with a stimulator and red copper john dropper.

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