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I'm not sure what Orvis wants for their Battenkill Reels, but I think you owe yourself a look at the Okuma Sierra Reels. Depending upon where you buy them, they will cost about $40.00, and will do almost all the things you want a good reel to do. I have two. One is a 7/8 weight, and the other is a 5/6 weight. What ever line weight I'm using, I buy the next size up in reels. I use the 7/8 weight for 6 weight lines. I use the 5/6 weight for a 4 weight line. The balance seems right, and the disc drag works quite well. I think you can spend up to $150, and not get as good a deal on a reel. If anyone knows of a better deal, I would really like to know.
Lotech Joe
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