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Orvis Days Oct. 9: Topwater sea-run cutthroat presentation

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On Sat. Oct. 9 at 2 to 3:30 PM at the Orvis store in Bellevue Leland and I will be doing a joint presentation on "Topwater fishing for sea-run cutthroat". I will talk about: (1) short recap of life cycle of sand lance (5 min.), (2) tie latest version of topwater sand lance skater pattern (20min.), (3) how, where, and when to fish sand lance skater pattern (20 min.). I'll have handouts for each section. 10 sand lance skater patterns will be given away in a drawing.

Hope to see and meet some of you there!

See Events Forum on WFF for more seminars during Orvis Days.

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Damn! I missed this one, too. I was over in Pullman watching the Cougs get hammered by Oregon. I should have saved myself the trip and gotten in on some of the tasting.
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