Orvis Deluxe 7 1/2 ft, 3 1/4 oz
serial 400XX.
Mfg 12 April 1965
In good fishing condition with what looks like a replacement tip from Orvis
Tip and guide raps are slightly different shade than butt
serial number on tip and butt match
serial number matches rod tube
"Orvis Impregnated" still legible
"Deluxe " barely visible
cork shows wear and ridging and looks like previous owner used it for hooking fly on to
sliding band reel seat, cork
ferrules are in good shape
tip and butt the same length
Rod tube with correct label with rod bag
I have fished this rod a lot and really like it, but found an identical Battenkill to replace it
$400 and I will handle shipping CONUS and pay pal fees