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Orvis products have come a long way in the past few years, and performance-wise, their stuff performs as well as Sage, Loomis, etc.

Until they improved their equipment, I would have agreed the products were over-priced. But now, they are priced similarly to the other premium products, and perform just as well. So, in opinion, relative to the market, they are not overpriced, contrary to what some folks have posted.

In fact, their Battenkill large arbor reels are a great value relative to the other large arbor reels out there. Very good quality, good drag, competitive prices relative to the other machined reels, and the great Orvis service - going down the checklist of things you want in reel, it has it all!

I have other high-end premium fly fishing products that I use, but Orvis stuff is great (now), and the company is tops for customer service (almost too good, from a business-persons standpoint).

My $0.02
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