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I broke an Orvis rod that had the 25 year warranty while fishing on the So. Fork of the Boise River. Totally my fault but they didn't care, send it back and they would take care of it.

I had bought the rod from a fly shop that was having a sale (the rod retailed for about $275.00 and I got it for somewhere around $200.00). When I got the rod back from Orvis they had included a letter apologizing for no longer having the same rod I had sent in and they had replaced it with a rod that was in their catalogue retailing for about $425.00. They were concerned that I would be upset (like maybe the rod had some sentimental value) and they were sorry that they couldn't repair the other rod.

I was stoked that I got a much better rod. I was really impressed with their concern and it only cost me the shipping to send it back.

I now have 4 Orvis rods.


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